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Performance Physio is pleased to announce that we have secured an affordably priced MRI service for all our clients

For 375 we can refer you to Alliance Medical for MRI scanning without the need to wait on an NHS waiting list.

This price includes the follow-up and report and there is a scanner only moments from the clinic.


Call us today to book an assessment to take up this fantastic offer.




The initial assessment will ususally take a minimum of one hour. During this time your therapist will take a full history about your current & past health status, assess your problem areas with reference to the whole body and together you will set short term goals. You will also discuss your longterm goals and help set realistic time frames in order to achieve them.

Initial Assessment (60 minutes)   £100.00


Review Physiotherapy Consultations

Review of Physiotherapy treatment (60 minutes)   £80.00
Review of Physiotherapy treatment (30 minutes)   £55.00


Private Pilates Classes

Each private pilates session is a 60 minute one-to-one rehabilitation class. Therapists may chose to include additional techniques learned from Feldenkrais, Alexander Techniques, Gymball Exercises, Gyrotonic and Yoga. All Pilates teachers habe been accredited by the Pilates Foundation UK and have completed a minimum of 2 years training.

With a physiotherapist (60 minutes)   £80.00
With a certified Pilates teacher (60 minutes)   £60.00
A block of 10 paid in advance classes with a certified pilates teacher   £540.00

Private Gyrotonic Classes

All teachers have undertaken the comprehensive Gyrotonic training course and are fully certified.

With a physiotherapist (60 minutes)   £80.00
Private Gyrotonic classes (with trainer)   £60.00 per hour
A block of 10 paid in advance (with trainer)   £540.00

Private Bespoke Rehabilitation and Training

We are now pleased to offer extended rehabilitation in a natural environment that can be customized to suit your needs. You can engage us for day, week or even several weeks extended training periods both from within London and also abroad.

Activities might include: skiing, cycling (MTB and Road), Ski Touring, Ski Racing, Mountaineering and Rock Climbing, Ocean Kayaking etc. Richard has a great network of guides and has done many of these trips repeatedly. Why get stuck in the gym if you can afford to rehabilitate in the great outdoors. Just send us a contact email if you have something in mind and we'll see if we can help to produce the trip you're looking for.

Health Insurance

Performance Physio Ltd is registered with all leading health insurance companies including WCPA and PPP. All payments, however, are requested at the time of consultation. As there may be a gap between our consultation fee and your insurance cover please check your sessional reimbursement with your insurance company before making a booking.

Note: We DO NOT accept BUPA clients unless they are self paying. We believe in a free access for all to the therapist of their choice and as BUPA no longer provide this to their customers we have decided to discontinue our BUPA contract.

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