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All our Gyrotonic trainers are fully certified in the Gyrotonic Expansion System. Several are also trained in Gyrokinesis and in the use of the Gyrotonic Leg Extension Unit.

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The fundamentals of the Gyrotonic Expansion System consist of a totally new exercise system, using Gyrotonic principles as the basis to exercise the musculature while mobilizing and articulating the joints.

The uniqueness of the System is that it stretches and strengthens at the same time with minimal effort, while it increases the range of motion and developing the coordination.

Gyrotonic movements embrace some of the key principles also found in gymnastics, swimming, ballet and yoga through which major muscle groups are worked interdependently and in an integrated manner.

The Gyrotonic Expansion System is served by a series of specially designed exercise equipment, which was built around the human body with all regards to total freedom in movement and no restriction to speed and versatility and would enhance rather than distract from the awareness of coordination, strength and flexibility.
Unlike most conventional exercise machines where linear or isolated movement patterns are performed, which creates uncoordinated strength, the patented and trademarked Gyrotonic Expansion System emphasizes multiple joint articulation, strengthening the surrounding ligaments including the attachments.

The motion patterns are natural, turbulence free and pure with no interruption, creating a bridge between contraction and extension. Through the rotating movement patterns of the joints a balanced support system for the skeleton is created.

The exercises are performed through spherical awareness and circularity of movement, enabling the user to perform under permanent guidance and variable controlled resistance, real sports simulation with no limitation to speed and range of motion.

Through uniform and permanent resistance, meaning through all the changes of directions and as well within the pivot axis, the concentric and eccentric forces exerted by the involved muscle groups are maximized and evenly distributed between agonistic and antagonistic muscle groups.

Each exercise is synchronized with a corresponding breathing pattern, and is performed with either a rhythm or melodic rhythmical expression, creating a gentle or forceful cardiovascular-aerobic stimulation, depending on the intensity and speed of the execution.

Special attention is paid to increase the functional capacity of the spine, resulting in a superior, well proportioned body, that is significantly less prone to injuries and long term accumulation of microtrauma the physique obtains, extraordinary flexibility and essential strength, culminating in an organic rejuvenation, increased vitality and vigor.

Also in contrast to exercises that are performed under water, where it is very difficult to regulate the exactness of the movement pattern and the correctness of the position, with the Gyrotonic equipment the exercises are performed with maximum adjustability to the range of motion and controllability of the positioning ( and the same pleasurable, healthy resistance like water).

All sporting activities demand strength, flexibility, coordination and range of motion. The Gyrotonic Expansion System provides tomorrows and todays super athletes not only with all of the above, but with greater degree of endurance, versatility and gracefulness to all performed competitive skills and movements.

Aside from adults and professional sports people, it has an enormous educational value for young children, who benefit tremendously from the exercises at a time, when their glandular development, combined with physical consciousness, dexterity and coordination are at such vital stage of growth.

Currently the Gyrotonic methodology is used worldwide with great success amongst the circle of dancers, sports people, in the rehabilitation field after injuries at various hospitals and chiropractic offices, as well as a general conditioning amongst people of all walks of life from children to senior citizens.

Juliu Horvath and his Gyrotonic Expansion System equipment were awarded a medal on the 7th International Invention Convention in Pittsburgh 1991.


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